Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This Isn't the Town You're Looking For

Although it is very foggy, I decide to go to the park to take advantage of this rare weather phenomenon. As I approach the park, I start to see some of my neighbors wandering around aimlessly. I wonder this: what they are all doing here? Then I see a tent set up under a tree, and I am too curious not to creep closer. I come upon an old guy and a boy, and hope to god they are related. I see the train that is blocking all the roads in this town and assume that that's where the boy and man came from, but why would the train be stopped here? Never in my time in this town has a train stopped, and certainly not in tandem with other spooky events. Just as I start to wonder if all of these disturbing events are coincidental or not, the man sees me and begins to yell a simple phrase in my direction: "the truth with all its power lives inside me". He keeps repeating the phrase as if the more time I hear it, the better I will understand, but seeing that the kid he is responsible for has duct tape covering his mouth, I highly doubted that aphorism. Since the man seems mentally disturbed, I decide not to come any closer, but to covertly reestablish the path that I had been walking. I look back every so often, and every time, the man's eyes are still trained on me. I take off at a sprint and only stop until the man is completely out of sight; it doesn't take long because of the thick fog the engulfs the park. Just when I've stopped sprinting, I run into another strange person. She appears to be gliding just off the ground, and she definitely doesn't look like she's from around here. Similarly to the old man, she also has a short phrase to offer, but this time it's a question. "Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip"? If this is the moment she is talking about, I'm not the one who's "capturing" anything. By this point in time I am thoroughly freaked out. I decide the best course of action is to head back home slowly, not startling any more extra-terrestrial looking people. It is in this moment though, that the fog becomes to thick to discern any helpful landmarks. Maybe the truth that the old man was talking about is that I'm stuck here forever.

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